Etsy Treasures:
Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hello sweeties,

do you like Etsy? I really do. I love to fossick through the lovely handmade stuff, that all the creative people sell there. So I made theme based treasurys which I share with you.

At the 17th of March it's St. Patrick's Day. I would love to attend in Dublin at this time. Maybe in future. But for this year I packed a bundle with Etsy Treasures around this Irish holiday.

Go directly to my Treasury.

What do you think? Nice haul? Would you buy/wear/use some things of this treasury? Just curious. 

Love, Mel … xoxo


OotD: Out of my comfort zone!

Hello beauties,

welcome to my first fatshion monday here on my brand new blog. For a long time I wrack my brain over the question what this first post should be. I take clothes out of my closet, take them back and take others out … and so on. It was not an easy process, but finally I made my decision. Which is really good, because if I had not, you could not enjoy my first fashion post. Did I mention that this is my first one?

I decided to get out of my comfortzone with the first outfit. Last year in december I bought myself a dress. The first one since – let me over think – 20 years (+/-).
I look a bit around at many plus size (online) stores and stick at Kiyonna and their beautiful dresses. My choice was finally the Legacy Wrap Dress in black. Yes, black. Still one step after another. And black can be combine to all other colours.
The plan was to wear it at home first to acclimatize with it. But this dress is so unbelievable comfortable that I'm anxious for warmer weather to wear it outside my home.

I love comfortable feeling of the fabric. The dress doesn't corset and feels like a second skin. There is only one tiny thing, that bugs me a bit and this is the décolleté. It's a bit widely and when I'm sitting in this dress it feels like my boobs will fall out. Hubby loves it. But I think I will buy me a nice brooch for public wearing.

I combined it with an rasperryred tight, my glittering leg warmer and boots. The tight is from fibrotex.eu. They have tights in many colors and the sizes goes up to a 10XL! I bought a 3XL which is a EU56-58. I buy tights always a size bigger because of my huge thighs. The tight fits very good and are true sized. I think I'll try a 2XL at my next order.

The leg warmers are from C&A and the boots from Deichmann (2011). The scarf was a gift from my sister-in-law.

Dress: Kiyonna | Tights: Fibrotex
Leg warmer: C-and-A | Boots: Deichmann

I'm so happy that I have the guts to buy a dress. Best decision I've made in the last years. I really enjoy wearing that dress. And I've bought already a second one, also from Kiyonna. But this will be another story on another day.

So … I hope, you like it. Would you combine this dress that way too? What would you do different? I'm very curious what you think about this outfit.

Love, Mel … xoxo


FotD: A natural look

Hey ladies,

while I browse at one of my favorite german forum I read something about a "natural make up" followed by a huge list with stuff you need for it. My thoughts circled around that topic. What is a "natural look"? Are "natural" and "make up" inconsistent with one another?

I put on make up since the age of 13. I feel naked without it. And I like to use a simple one, but I wouldn't call this natural. I use a foundation, highlighter, blush, three different eyeshadows, eyeliner and mascara. Sounds not natural to me.

As the base for my eye makeup I used an eyeshadow that matched my skin color. Then I put on a light rose for the highlights and a soft brown for the shadows. I completed it with an brown eyeliner and black mascara.

For my cheeks I used a soft rose upon the cheekbones and a whiff of a soft bronze underneath them.

So, what do you think? Goes "natural" and "make up" together? Are you make up obsessed as well or did you prefer a pure skin?

Love, Mel … xoxo


Fa(t)shion: Wishlist March 2013

Hello lovelies,

still 5 days left before I can get my next order out to bonprix. After that boot disaster today (too small for my big feet, so they go back) I need some comfort. Therefore I arranged an outfit with some of my favorite pieces. Looking forward to spring I choose airy clothes. No need to go on filling my wardrobe with warm sweaters.

Trouser | Blouse | Leopard Pumps
Bag | Necklace with clock | Earrings

Tried to link all to bonprixUK, but the jewelry wasn't found there.

So, what do you think about it? Yes or No? I would love to hear your opinion.

Love, Mel … xoxo

A new blog is born

Hello lovelies,

so … it's done. I finished my blog. And now I'm sitting in front of blogger and don't know what to say. It's a bit early for an "oscar speech". But I'm a little bit proud that I finally made the first step. 

I've planned so many things for this blog.

  • plus size fashion
  • my favorite recipes
  • beauty posts
  • … and more from my life and my journey

Just me … coffee junkie, lost in thought, enquiring, chaotic and "a little bit" weird sometimes.
I like … tiny / cute / small / large / pink / glittering stuff.

Stay tuned. I hope, you'll enjoy the view on my journey as I enjoy every blog I follow.

Love, Mel … xoxo